working on an artist book!

I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook page that I was working on an artist book for my Land [ab]Use series and thought I would share in more detail here on my blog.

Here is an example of what I was talking about:

It’s hard to illustrate with only 10 prints, but I hope you get the idea. When you first pull back the cover you will be able to look down into the book being able to see all of the different levels within the same landscape. Then, as you flip through the book, you would be able to view each piece individually while also watching the change in landscape as a whole.

This is all very much in the beginning stages! Right now I’m thinking that the book should be 50 pages. Visually, I would be happy with the overall thickness of the book… and 50 is such a beautifully round number. That said, I only have 10 pieces complete right now! 40 prints to go… to think I was originally thinking 100 pages! Would you even flip through 100 pages? I guess the real question is, will you flip through 50? 😉

The greatest challenge is going to be cutting out the 40 different “pseudo silhouettes” I will need! No repeats!

I can do it!

The book is going to be 8″x9.5″ which gives me 1.5″ for binding and a 1″ border around the 6″x6″ image. Normally I give my work more of a border, but because of the nature of this book I want it to be tight.

I would also like to do the bookbinding myself. This means I have to put in some serious hours of practice binding before hand. After hand-cutting 50 pieces for this book I will be VERY unhappy with myself if I royally screw it up!

Stay tuned…I will continue posting the new prints as I finish them on the Land [ab]Use flickr set.

Eventually I will be uploading everything to my website… eventually.


Author: Megan Charland

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