MAG-Clothesline Festival

This past Sunday (09/13/09) I volunteered at the Memorial Art Gallery M&T BANK Clothesline Festival and there was a great turnout.



The clouds eventually went away and it was a beautiful sunny day…at this point I was way too distracted by the artists’ booths to take any pictures 🙂

Perhaps next year you will see me in a booth!! 😉

I was pleasantly surprised to run into Two Halves Gallery. Founded by Olivia Davis and Emma Vann, both University of Rochester students, Two Halves Gallery is an art gallery in the making.

I first met both Olivia and Emma this past spring while they were interns at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. They are both very charming and talented young ladies. I am very excited to see what comes of THG.

Just a little info. about THG taken from their pamphlet from the festival:

Two Halves Gallery is a “University and Community Cooperative Art Gallery.”

Mission and Purpose:
“Two Halves Gallery is a student and community based pre-professional cooperative art gallery whose purpose is to bring more arts resources to the Westside community of Rochester. Two Halves looks to facilitate community and student interaction in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship between these two communities.”

They hope to soon be a not for profit organization. Also, they have already secured endorsement from Southwest, Sector 4 Community Council (October 2008) and received official endorsement from University of Rochester Department of Art and Art History (November 2008.)

I have no doubt that this will be a success. Good luck Two Halves Gallery!!


Author: Megan Charland

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