Personas | Metropath(ologies) | An installation by Aaron Zinman

I came across Personas | Metropath(ologies) | An installation by Aaron Zinman today and decided to test it out. From watching the site in action, what I understand is that it gathers up a ton on information on my name from the internet and then categorizes it using different pretty colors.


Above are my results. Don’t even ask me what the green “illegal” means…I haven’t got a clue!

This project however interesting, certainly has its flaws. In .58 seconds after doing a search in Google for Megan Charland there are about 84,300 results, which is just crazy and irrelevant at the moment. The first 24 results are all about me: my website, Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn, my blogs, other networking accounts, etc… Then result #25 comes along and it’s about a Megan Charland who lives in Arizona…not me. See the problem? These results aren’t that accurate, they can’t be. There would need to be a more detailed search in order to separate me, from the other Megan Charland. Result #26 goes back to me and then it’s pretty random after that…and who knows how many other Megan Charlands are out there? If you want to search through the 84,300 results on Google, you can get back to me!! Kidding!!

So, I’m out there on the web, I already knew that. So much of my time and energy goes towards networking myself and I would say 95% of that is done on-line. What did I get out of this installation then? …pretty colors 😉


Author: Megan Charland

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