moment of commitment

I was going through some old journals from my college days and found one from my senior year. In it was a question…and I remember the day it was asked of me…September 4, 2007.

“At what moment do you commit to your work?”

My professor at the time, Angela Kelly, was shooting off questions to my fourth year Fine Art Photo II class, including: “Who is your audience?”, “Who influences you?”, and “What are your goals?”

I remember sitting there in class scribbling down my answers to the last three, however it was that first question that had me really thinking. Hadn’t I already made a huge commitment to my work? Spending thousands of dollars and taking out countless student loans to earn my BFA, wasn’t that a huge commitment? Sitting in that classroom and planning out the quarters tasks, wasn’t that a commitment?

I realized though, soon enough, that making the choice to go to college, making the choice to earn a BFA, I was really just paying for a piece of paper; my diploma. Senior year was when I dropped the title of “student” and took up “artist”, sure I was still enrolled in classes, but you never do stop learning even after a degree and at some point you have to make that HUGE commitment to being an artist, a commitment to your work; your ART.

Everyday I spend a few hours working on a project or networking, researching opportunities: grants or exhibitions. This is just a few hours of specific time committed to these tasks. Every waking minute of my day however, I am thinking about my art. Ideas of future projects, potential to improve a current one, I have even recently started writing essays and I’m constantly thinking about them as well.

I can honestly say that right now, at this point in my life, I am committed to my work. This is a very exciting realization.


Author: Megan Charland

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