Vintage Postcards of NYC

I was scanning some negatives last night and while I had the scanner out I decided to digitize some vintage postcards I had lying around. A few months ago I went on a vintage postcard hunt with a friend and I found these NYC postcards and a few from the Adirondack region where I grew up. I will post the latter sometime tomorrow.

The first five are of the Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty with Descriptions Vintage Postcard
On the back of this postcard is a stamp that says “actual photograph”, this one is my favorite because I like the descriptions written on it.

Statue of Liberty Bedloes Island Vintage Postcard
This postcard also has “actual photograph” stamped on the back as well as “July 13, 1947” handwritten.

Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor Vintage Postcard

Statue of Liberty NYC Vintage Postcard

Statue of Liberty at Sunrise Vintage Postcard

This next postcard is of Coney Island:

Coney Island Vintage Postcard
The back is postmarked in Brooklyn, NY August 29, 1907 9:30pm. This is an old one!! Also, what is interesting, out of all of these postcards this is the only one not printed in New York City. This one was printed in Germany. I wonder why?

The next six are of major landmarks around the city:

Empire State Building Vintage Postcard
Empire State Building.

Fifth Avenue Hotels Vintage Postcard
Fifth Avenue Hotels and Buildings Near Plaza in Central Park.

Flat Iron Building NYC Vintage Postcard
Flat Iron Building. On the back it is postmarked in Madison Square Station, NY February 9, 1910 1:30pm.

Times Square in NYC Vintage Postcard
Times Square.

Times Square Paramont Building Vintage Postcard
Times Square and Paramount Building. On the back, this is postmarked in New York, NY October 21, 1944 9:30pm.

English Garden NYC Vintage Postcards
English Garden in Rockefeller Center.

These next two images are not actually of postcards, but I found them at the same time and I still find them very interesting.

Times Square Vintage Photograph
This is an old photograph of Times Square. I have never even heard of Bond. Have you?

Rowans Vintage Card (front)
This is an old business card for Rowan’s Old Stand. (front view)

Rowans Vintage Card (back)
Here is the back view of the business card. “The Largest Plate Ice Cream In the City”…only 10 Cts!!

Author: Megan Charland

5 thoughts on “Vintage Postcards of NYC”

  1. I am directing Guys and Dolls for a non-profit, all volunteer community theater. I would like permission to make a slide that could be projected on the cyclorama in the theater. That would be the only way in which it would be used. I would like to use one of the vintage Time Square images.

    Please consider giving me permission for that purpose.


    Richard Wagner

  2. A few days ago I requested your permission to post some of your NYC postcards on Citynoise, a public blog.
    I would gladly mention your website as well as your name. I probably did not make the petition right because I never got an answer from you.

    As a visual artist myself I have been able to see some of your work which truly surprised me and for that reason signed in as your admirer on Facebook, I would be delighted if you looked at my photo albums there where I uploaded some of my paintings and if you have the time, please, let me have your opinion.

    My best,

    Roberto Figueredo

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