updates, updates, updates!!

Yikes!! It’s been a while since I really updated this blog. I just posted about my work being on The Good-Time Emporium which happened today…but what have I been up to for the last month?!

I have been working on a new series, “Spatial Relations”, which consists of collage pieces. I am working on getting them imaged so I can post some on this blog. Eventually I will work on putting them up on my website

Speaking of my website, I have been working on re-designing it…again…I really cannot help it, I get bored easily 🙂 Hopefully in a couple weeks I will re-launch with the new design.

April and May I practically lived at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center where I personally photographed 3,077 works of art for the 6x6x2009 – Second and Final Year! exhibition.


You can click [here] to view the on-line gallery, and click [here] to view a video (soundtrack: Joe Tunis, video: Chris Reeg, digitization: Myself!!) The video is really cool, check it out!

Below are some screenshots of the video from scenes I am in 🙂

Here I am hanging work.

…hanging more work.

Here I am talking to the Executive Director, Bleu Cease, no doubt about the photographs of the artwork I was taking.

I donated Cornfields Reconstructed #6 from my “Cornfields Reconstructed” series to the exhibition/fund-raiser. Below are screen shots from the 6x6x2009 GALLERY.

Artwork: #1094 is mine: Cornfields Reconstructed #6.

Sorry folks! That red dot means my piece is already sold.

I have been back in Rochester, NY for 3 months now and I still haven’t finished unpacking! I am trying to find the “perfect desk” for my room. When I moved to NYC I downsized, now I have space again and I feel as if I need to fill it once more.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to hang my art back up on the walls. The walls of my room are naked. My favorite pieces are the following prints:

The Weight of the Bridge by Amy Park.
Copyright Amy Park.

The Time Machine by Echo Eggebrecht.
Copyright Echo Eggebrecht.

MORE BOOKS by Mickey Smith.
Copyright Mickey Smith.

Far and Wide by Ann Tarantino.
Copyright Ann Tarantino.

Flying Colors by Ann Tarantino.
Copyright Ann Tarantino.

All 5 of these prints I bought from 20×200.

Once I get them up on the wall again I will post a picture, they look fabulous!!

I have also been toying around with the idea of painting one of the walls in my room…there might me a painting project on the horizon 🙂

Feng shui aside, I do believe in feeling comfortable in one’s surroundings, and being an artist I enjoy having the visual stimulation and inspiration of other artists I admire around me.

Enough updates for now! Stay tuned for new images from my “Spatial Relations” series. I hope to get them up before the weekend.

Author: Megan Charland


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