2 super amazing strangers

I wanted to take some time to talk about 2 extraordinary people, even though I don’t really know them! They are Planet Wimmer, a husband/wife artist team.

Screenshot of the Planet Wimmer website.

I first virtually “met” the wife, Maria Rose, when I was looking into the University of Denver for grad school. I was seeking more information on the MA Program in Art History and was given her name and e-mail address as a contact as at the time she was a current MA student. Long story short, she was helpful and shared with me a current project she was working on with her husband, The Iandi Art Movement, which has since disbanded. I was intrigued with The Iandi Art Movement and posted the website on my old TSATSKE blog to share with others. It was at this point that the husband E.K. contacted me wondering how I had heard of The Iandi Art Movement and I was added to his e-mail list for updates on the group. When the group disbanded both Maria-Rose and E.K. launched their website Planet Wimmer which showcases their work. They are very talented artists.

Maria Rose has a blog which I read daily (the button to her blog can be viewed to the right) Little Things Are Big. It is refreshing. She is so open and honest, she shares what seems to be her entire life story to the virtual world. Living in NYC it is nice to read calming words every now and then…like yesterdays posting about ice. I couldn’t tell you the last time I took the time to truly appreciate my surroundings.

E.K. has a couple blogs himself which are amusing yet oddly educational. First is The Zombie Spotlight and Second is How to Impress a Hipster which is my fav being that NYC is full of them (hipsters, not zombies! lets not get them confused!)

For the last 5 years of my life the importance of networking and being aware of other artists and their work has been stressed to me as being critical in being an artist in todays world. Having the internet makes it that much easier. Now that I have graduated from college, it’s not like I have my weekly art class to go to and talk about my work with my fellow classmates. Now that I’m in the “real world” it seems that more and more of my contacts are becoming virtual.

This virtual world of ours is something Maria Rose has recently made more personal…kind of. Last week she started an on-line painting lesson with a woman over in France that she “met” on-line. You can read the post here. I think this is so great and have decided to participate in this lesson myself!! It’s been a couple of years since I picked up a paintbrush so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this lesson 🙂 I’m really excited about it, we will be painting Van Gogh’s Vase with 12 Sunflowers with acrylic paint for our first lesson.


This actually works out fabulously for me. For Christmas I gave my 5 month old niece, Bella, this great book I bought @ MoMa In the Garden with Van Gogh a hardcover board book by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober.


Sunflowers is one of the paintings in this book. When I finish this painting I’m going to give it to Bella to hang over her crib 🙂

Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists of all time, this past summer I was lucky enough to see The Starry Night in person @ MoMa during a member’s only preview.


Also, when I was in high school I painted a Van Gogh themed mandala with acrylic paints:

Van Gogh Mandala

OK, so I feel as if I am veering…getting back to the topic at hand…Maria Rose and E.K. are AWESOME!

They are artists 24/7.

I get so caught up at work that I lose track of time and weeks go by before I create something, even if it is just a simple doodle in my sketchpad. This is something I personally want to work on, creating something everyday.

Kudos to Planet Wimmer!!!!


Author: Megan Charland


5 thoughts on “2 super amazing strangers”

  1. Wow, this post is amazing. You have absolutely made my day. Seriously, I have been walking on a cloud. I am so excited that you are going to join in on the painting project!

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